TNM: DIY Human

see for yourself

 What is TNM: DIY Human? 

TNM: DIY Human products make The Narrative Method process accessible to anyone and everyone. Created with the ethos that positive change and meaningful connections should not be prohibitively expensive or exclusive to certain people, TNM: DIY Human products can be used alone or in groups. We want to help everyone, no matter their background, to discover connections of substance with themselves and each other through stories. By sharing your experiences and humbly listening to others, you will find new possibilities emerge for you to meaningfully connect with yourself and those around you.




  What Do Meaningful Connections Look Like?  

Feeling heard and seen

Curiosity and open-mindedness leads to being recognized and recognizing others


Of yourself, your needs and those of others. 


for yourself and those around you.



    Ready to See for Yourself?   

     Making the principles and practices of Shari Foos’ award-winning Narrative Method accessible to everyone, DIY Human products create opportunities for people to interact and connect through the power of personal storytelling.