TNM for Healthcare

Compassionate Care of Self, Colleagues & Patients

The Narrative Method for healthcare professionals builds upon narrative medicine to help physicians, nurses and staff increase empathy and compassion.


TNM’s powerful toolbox for meaningful communication includes the practice of Narrative A.W.E. (*Awareness *Wonder *Empathy), which teaches participants how to put themselves aside in order to closely listen respectfully without imposing their own beliefs, allowing for a greater appreciation for differences and unique perspectives.

Better communication among colleagues allows for a clearer understanding of the patient as an individual beyond her diagnosis, reducing errors in directives and handoffs and​ improving patient cooperation and compliance with protocols, resulting in better health outcomes.

In our increasingly technological and rapidly changing culture, it is time to emphasize the human side of healthcare for ourselves, each other and our patients.

Benefits of Our Workshops and Training Programs:

  • Learn to give and receive personal stories and accounts of self

  • Practice close listening and bearing witness without interpretation or judgment

  • Learn to read verbal and non-verbal cues and communication

  • Understand how to work with diverse populations from multiple perspectives

  • Increase social and cultural awareness and respect for individuals and their differences.

 “TNM opened the door to new ways of thinking about my interactions with patients, and especially about looking anew at my own ways of behavior.”

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THE NARRATIVE METHOD™ is an award-winning 501c3 program for diverse groups and individuals. Participants challenge kneejerk impulses to obey the culture rather than express themselves genuinely. And by broadening their lens, participants discover new possibilities for themselves, each other, and the world. Increases awareness, wonder, empathy and tolerance. 

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