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The Narrative Method provides workshops and facilitator training for students, staff and professors at all levels of higher education. The program interweaves diverse scholarly influences in psychology, the humanities and narrative medicine with TNM's inspiring media, creative writing and relational exercises. All of the tools and experiences are designed to open the door to broader perspectives, empathic attunement and the mutual respect that leads to more effective and meaningful relationships.


Participants have the opportunity to critically analyze subtle cues and body language as they practice their listening and speaking skills. We challenge the social mores that maintain barriers and biases. We deconstruct the beliefs that block our thoughts and feelings. And we challenge the kneejerk obedience to cultural norms that dictate the rules of acceptable behavior. TNM programs break open the silos that isolate us to create new possibilities for connection, cooperation and communication. Together we repave the path to our voice and agency to create mutually respectful and empathic collaborations.

Our Workshops and Training Program address and illuminate:

  • TNM tools and methodology

  • TNM 3-Step process of A.W.E. (*Awareness *Wonder *Empathy)

  • Productive and effective collaborations

  • Understanding issues from multiple perspectives

  • Social and intercultural awareness

"It’s so interesting to walk into a room where you don’t know anyone and experience such intimate and open conversation. It’s like everyone just knows they are in a safe and open space.”

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THE NARRATIVE METHOD™ is an award-winning 501c3 program for diverse groups and individuals. Participants challenge kneejerk impulses to obey the culture rather than express themselves genuinely. And by broadening their lens, participants discover new possibilities for themselves, each other, and the world. Increases awareness, wonder, empathy and tolerance. 

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