TNM for Higher Education

As a higher ed professional, you know that student groups, professors, staff, student-athletes, first-year students and those approaching graduation have their own particular needs and concerns. The Narrative Method understands that the college/university population is diverse and thrives through connection. With TNM, we aim to address the fragmentation that often occurs on campus.


From the first-year student who fails to thrive due to feelings of isolation and homesickness, to the tenured faculty member who doesn't feel heard by the school administration, we recognize higher education's unique needs. 


We also know that with the rise of remote learning, a successful community building program needs to bridge the difficult digital divide and address the question, "how does a school build community when students cannot be on campus?"


The Narrative Method provides digital and on-site workshops, facilitator training, and ongoing tools for connection through our TNM: DIY Human product line. Our programs and resources are flexible, easy to use and include the necessary elements for continued success. Shown to have positive effects on students, staff, and professors at all levels of higher education, TNM is a research-based program built upon diverse scholarly influences. Connecting elements of psychology, the humanities, and narrative medicine, TNM opens the door to broader perspectives, empathic attunement and mutual respect, leading to more effective and meaningful relationships grounded in compassion.


Our Workshops and Training Programs Address:

  • TNM tools and methodology

  • TNM 3-Step process of A.W.E. (*Awareness *Wonder *Empathy)

  • Productive and effective collaborations

  • Understanding issues from multiple perspectives

  • Social and intercultural awareness

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Want To Bring Our Process To Your Campus? We Would Love To Hear From You

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