We take offsites and internal team development to new heights.

Workplaces that emphasize building empathy and a caring corporate culture enjoy greater employee satisfaction, higher retention rates, fewer clashes and more productivity.

Our programs help you create a corporate culture of camaraderie and empathy, leading to higher retention rates, more productivity and greater employee satisfaction.


The average adult spends half their waking life working. More than a paycheck, your employees want to be shareholders and feel proud of the work they do and the values reflected by the company . They need more than policy statements; they need to see that you stand for diversity, social equity and inclusion. They want to be part of a respectful community, enjoy meaningful relationships and follow their purpose. And in addition to advancement, but they also want to be seen, heard and respected. In short, they want to be part of a team that is invested in them and their future potential.


Even the most forward-thinking corporations are at a loss for how to deal with employee stress. The Narrative Method's research-driven methodology focuses on the internal well-being of each unique company culture and the individuals within it. With engaging presentations, unique experiences, and a suite of team-building tools from our TNM: DIY Human product line, we provide a sustainable program that fosters meaningful connections and better understanding among colleagues. More than a shot in the arm, our approach is a seed for long-term growth that helps broaden your team's perspectives and leads to transformative change you want.

We create unique modules using videos, writing prompts and team-building exercises to help you reach your desired objectives. One of our most successful tools is the DIY Human Cards.

In half or full-day sessions, we customize a program for you that delivers a connective, fun, and inspiring experience. Our goal is to help organizations discover new perspectives and create transformative change in your community.