TNM For Teachers of All Grades

If you’re tired of impersonal online PD classes and want to engage meaningfully with your peers, The Empathic Teacher provides a compelling group experience. In a comfortable learning environment, participants practice the tools of The Narrative Method to improve students' communication, and increase their empathy, self-esteem, and compassion for differences.

The Empathic Teacher

A LAUSD Approved Salary Point Class for Professional Development

The class is a fun, immersive experience structured around short videos, provocative ideas, personal storytelling, and writing exercises.  In the afternoons, participants take part in practical exercises that can be applied to real life challenges in the classroom.


In a world with constant noise, it's often hard to feel heard. TNM's teen programs can transform alienation into community through finding common ground. Our program aims to create an environment where teens can be seen, heard and appreciated by their peers. We think the experience of belonging— and being helpful to others— is the first step towards claiming one's intelligence, voice, dignity and agency.

Our process emphasizes storytelling for its essential role in cognitive development and forming healthy connections. Stories cut through all barriers, in language, differences in race, religion, values and mores. TNM for Teens puts youth in the driver’s seat of their own story.

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TNM For Teens


TNM For Secondary School Students

TNM for Organizations

Bring TNM

To Your Company

Productivity is half the battle. In today’s corporate environment, you have to foster a community if you want to thrive. Workplaces that emphasize building empathy and creating community have higher retention rates, healthier employees, fewer HR issues, and most importantly, have happier, more personally fulfilled staff.


Our corporate and organizational programs can be conducted In half or full-day sessions and fit around your unique needs. Through engaging presentations and providing staff the opportunity to be heard and seen, we deliver a connective, fun, and inspiring experience. 


Our goal is to help your organization discover new perspectives and create transformative change in your community.