Offsites & Team Development

The Narrative Method
takes offsites and internal team development to new heights.

Building on the 12 Core Concepts of The Narrative Method, the TNM Team Development Program focuses on:

  • empathy

  • communication

  • collaboration

  • imagination

  • diversity

  • inclusion

We create unique modules using videos, writing prompts and team-building exercises to help you reach your desired objectives.  One of our most successful tools is the DIY Human Cards.

In half or full-day sessions, we customize a program for you that delivers a connective, fun, and inspiring experience.  Our goal is to help organizations discover new perspectives and create transformative change in your community. 


We are all humans with infinite capacity for understanding.


To go fast, go alone.

To go far, work together.


It's not about being in front.

It's about standing tall within. 


Seeing you seeing me.

The ultimate work flow. 


No single note

creates a symphony.


See what's possible

with imagination and creativity.

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THE NARRATIVE METHOD™ is an award-winning 501c3 program for diverse groups and individuals. Participants challenge kneejerk impulses to obey the culture rather than express themselves genuinely. And by broadening their lens, participants discover new possibilities for themselves, each other, and the world. Increases awareness, wonder, empathy and tolerance. 

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