Jumpstart your meeting or conference

Not your typical icebreaker, TNM interweaves videos, laughter, small groups and DIY Human Cards to increase awareness, deepen connections and get things going.


Bring your humanity to work

Blending cultures builds trust and invites diverse ideas and fresh perspectives. When we put ourselves aside to listen deeply, it opens our lens, allowing us to see beyond knee-jerk assumptions and beliefs that have maintained discordant or distanced relationships. And when someone truly listens to us, when we feel seen, heard, and understood, we become more interested in trying to understand others.
Achieving mutual understanding and greater tolerance is a process that begins with one ‘aha’ moment, getting to know each other and sharing our common humanity. From a place of safety and authenticity, community members discover fresh perspectives for themselves, and new possibilities for seeing and relating to others.


Understanding words isn't communication

More than 90% of all communication is comprised of nonverbal and often unconscious cues. True understanding is dependent upon observing tone, eye contact, body language and the 7,000 micro facial expressions that give specificity to our words.
Did you hear what you heard? Working in pairs and small groups, participants have the opportunity to compare how differently they each hear the same story in different media. Participants also explore body language, discovering how others interpret the same actions. They write about how their own communication styles build or hinder connections with others. They are invited to but don’t have to share. In closing, they share what they’ll take away from the experience.
1-2 hrs. | Contact Us For Information

Co-Creating Stories

Co-creating stories

Storytelling is the universal language of every culture, cutting through differences in language, race, religion, values, and more. We are hardwired to receive stories because they are crucial to both emotional and cognitive development. Sharing our stories broadens our perspective and allows others to identify with and humanize us.
Stories connect our brains and increase serotonin. Whether telling or listening to stories, fMRI equipment shows that both brains alight in the same place. They synchronize, fire neurons and increase serotonin and the overall sense of wellbeing, making us more open to others.
Participants write and voice personal stories alone and with each other, comparing and contrasting the two. What follows is a discussion about collaboration and the difficulty of asking for help.
½ day | Contact Us For Information

The 12-Minute Connection

See the world through the eyes of another

Through a series of experiences with rotating partners, everyone in your group gets a 1-on-1 with everyone else.  With better listening and retention comes a rare kind of connection that most co-workers never accomplish.
Our tools help participants see that they’re not alone. Participants practice the steps of listening, reflecting and clarifying what has been shared with A.W.E. (*Awareness *Wonder *Empathy), a set of skills that make communication clearer, deeper and more meaningful. When we put ourselves aside and listen from the other person’s point of view, we can understand the feelings, even if we don’t relate to the circumstances.
½ - 1 day – ongoing series. | Contact Us For Information

Keynotes & Retreats

Deep Dive

Invite Shari Foos to address or lead your group with a deep dive into the concepts behind DIYH, her experience as a psychotherapist and/or the impact of the cult of culture on who we really are. Content can be interwoven with your specific issues and goals
1 - 2 hrs. | Contact Us For Information

Online Facilitator Training

Shared Learning Through a Lens of Humility
  Our non-hierarchical methodology is practical and easy to understand but the skills to lead a group with awareness, non-judgment and humility takes practice. The training itself is a model for its participants of how to create an open and creative atmosphere within their current and future groups.  

The art of creating a safe and humanistic group. 

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