Our Clients & Non-Profit Community Partners

At The Narrative Method we believe that sharing our stories and feeling seen is a transformative experience. The opportunity to be who you really are and be appreciated for it, to listen to another person's story and recognize the ways it is like your own story, to see that nobody is perfect and that's okay, this experience boosts confidence and relieves our feeling of depression and isolation. As part of our mission to connect people to and through stories, we work with a variety of non-profit community partners to make The Narrative Method experience available to any and all. To make our nonprofit work possible we work with a wide range of private clients across many industries.

Some of our nonprofit community partners include Get Lit, City Kids, LA CAN, New Directions for Veterans, Stepping Forward LA, JVS, Arnold P. Gold Foundation, Centre for Social Innovation, and more. Our clients include NYU Los Angeles, Utah State Library Bookmobile, and Sparks & Honey. Want to work with us? Email us at info@TheNarrativeMethod.org today!

What people are saying about The Narrative Method...

Tony LoRe,


Youth Mentoring Connection

The Narrative Method inspired our staff and opened us up to new ways of seeing ourselves and each other. It was riveting.

Adlai Wertman,

Founding Director,

Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab, USC Marshall School of  Business

The Narrative Method is highly innovative and remarkably applicable across multiple sectors. It brings an entirely new methodology in fostering significantly improved communications, teamwork, and morale. The results are both immediate and striking.

TNM Student Participant,

Antioch University

I really didn't expect to enjoy this so much, but it was really nice to just talk to other people about things other than class or work.