TNM for Social Services Organizations

Connect & Transform

The Narrative Method provides a rare opportunity for participants to experience themselves through the eyes of another and feel heard, respected and valued for who they really are. For some, this may be the first time they have felt truly understood. TNM creates a safe community for participants to increase empathy and expand perspectives through deep listening, connecting, and expressing themselves without fear of judgment. The program rebuilds self-esteem, confidence, and the skills to create healthy relationships. With a broader perspective, participants see that what happened to them in the past does not define who they are as human beings.

 We address: Alienation, Loss, The need to be heard, Communication skills, and Developing meaningful connections 

  • Increasing empathy and tolerance

  • Challenging rigid beliefs and revising old stories

  • Facing anger and hopelessness

  • Reframing shame

  • Improving communication and social skills

  • Revealing untapped potential and reclaiming one's life

The Narrative Method Has Demonstrated Success: