TNM for Veterans Organizations

From Pain to Possibility

The Workshop for Veterans is a profound group experience that empowers and unites. Men and women from all walks of life share their stories and discover their common humanity. In a light-hearted atmosphere that interweaves storytelling, inspiring media, creative writing and open discussions, participants learn a compassionate method of communication that improves their interpersonal skills and the quality of their relationships.


The same skills that build healthy relationships also build self-esteem. With a developing bond of trust, participants become more comfortable with eye contact and closeness. They learn to listen closely and read the subtle body language and facial expressions that add nuance to the meaning of words. As a result, they discover the ways their communication styles help or hinder connections. 

Participants see that past trauma does not have to define their future. In a safe environment, they can find their voice and practice expressing themselves more openly with their brothers and sisters, an experience that they can build upon in their outside relationships. As they begin to connect and see themselves in each other, they can more easily forgive and accept themselves. The Narrative Method helps Vets gain the confidence to develop new goals and support each other in the transition back to civilian life.

We Address

Alienation   -   Loss   -   Shame   -   Meaning & Purpose

Reconnecting & Transitioning    -    Substance Abuse   -   PTSD


The Narrative Method Has Demonstrated Success:

  • Increasing empathy and tolerance

  • Expanding perspectives

  • Challenging rigid beliefs and revising old stories

  • Improving communication and social skills

  • Discovering new potential

Support with Stories

Our programs for Veterans and service members starts with the dedication of founder Shari Foos. In 2015 Shari was awarded a lifetime achievement award by Antioch University LA for work supporting veterans as part of New Directions for Veterans.


We continue to develop and expand our programs for Veterans with the goal of making our services available to as many service members as possible free of charge.