Disconnection, Misunderstanding,

Isolation, Frustration, Dejection, Apathy  


Lack of camaraderie and connection in a community takes many forms and can be contagious. How are you going to address the problem of disconnection in your community?


  The Narrative Method is here to help.  



TNM offers award-winning, experiential programs and workshops that use stories to increase compassion within communities to create a safe environment in which people can connect deeply and develop the skills necessary to foster more honest and satisfying relationships.


Our multi-pronged approach to community and personal development seeks to challenge the harmful messages that abound in the media and our culture. Our proven process empowers participants to broaden their perspectives and discover each other beyond their professional roles. 


Our programs are geared for diversity and designed to work around your community rather than the other way around. They can be delivered through on-site and digital workshops, online facilitator training, digital and on-site salons, and our TNM: DIY Human product line. Regardless of race, socioeconomic status, level of education, or age, our programs have shown success in nurturing openness, understanding and camaraderie among individuals and within the entire organization.



The Narrative Method knows that creating camaraderie is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. 

When you bring TNM into your organization, we evaluate your specific needs and provide the tools and ongoing guidance necessary to achieve your goals. We provide videos, relational activities, creative writing projects, and compelling ideas to inspire thought-provoking conversations. 


  Our Clients Include  

Other Clients Include:   Arnold P. Gold Foundation  -  Youth Mentoring  -  Pen Center USA  -  City of Santa Monica  -  Chautauqua Institution  -  unplug meditation  -  Skid Row Housing Trust  -  SETI Institute  -  Little Kids Rock  -  PEN America  -  Big Sunday  -  SRO Housing Corporation  -  Urban World NYC  -  NJPAC  -  NewYork-Presbyterian  -  Keck School of Medicine of USC  -  Mikva Challenge  -  Downtown Women's Center  -  Center for Social Innovation  -  East Side Institute