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We invite you to join us in solving the epidemic of loneliness and isolation by empowering self-expression and activating social connection. As a friend of The Narrative Method, you know just how impactful this model and practice can be.

Your generosity and shared commitment to The Narrative Method will allow us to develop new programs, trainings and partnerships in the 2024 and beyond!


Kwanza, TNM Participant

"The world is always so heavy, so loud, so busy. And I find that coming to TNM is very light, and peaceful and engaging. It's like the breath that I didn't know I needed to breathe."

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Elizabeth, TNM Participant

"My first experience with TNM broke through a block that let me write a script, record a video, and make it public in one smooth motion. Suddenly, I got over the deep fear and stopped blocking my honest expression. That’s powerful medicine. TNM heals."

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Daniel, TNM Participant

"Today's TNM experience meant the world to me. It set my heart on fire with love and gratitude and such deep emotions. I feel like I am going to be ok no matter what because I am brave and I choose to show up in life."

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