Our Mission

Our mission is to create safe, supportive spaces for people to share and listen to each other's stories, be creative, and see their world in new ways. We believe that everyone deserves to feel seen, heard and accepted for who they really are. 


 What is TNM? 



The Narrative Method (a California-based 501c3 non-profit organization) is an award-winning approach to building meaningful human connections by helping individuals reframe how they see themselves and others through the process of sharing stories. TNM programs and products are designed to peel away participants'  negative or false beliefs imposed by cultural and social influences to help them rebuild their understanding of themselves and the world. 

Our Method Of Creating Connection



TNM is built upon 12 interconnecting core concepts to living a life of Awareness, Wonder and Empathy (AWE). Each concept is designed to help you go deeper to better understand and cope with life’s constant challenges.

We encourage discovery and self-exploration without dogma or the pressure to agree or fit in.


TNM creates opportunities to meet other people through sharing creative writing, personal stories and other experiences in a safe and inspiring environment.
Come as you are!


TNM encourages participants to reunite with their instincts and trust their imaginations. Rather than teaching you how to express yourself, we invite you to freely explore your ideas and voice in any style you wish. We provide the inspiration for an always-different writing adventure. Everyone is heard and witnessed, without comparison or criticism.
And it’s amazing to see the multitude of perspectives that all began with one small inspiration.


TNM believes in the power of groups to help us recognize that we all belong to that crazy little thing called humanity. Rather than pathologizing our unique differences or worrying about trying to fit into impossible molds, we discover that when we are real, others can understand and identify with us. When you share something and others nod in recognition, you realize you are not alone.


Our History

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Our Founder

Shari Foos

Shari Foos is a Marriage and Family Therapist and the creator of The Narrative Method. As a leader in the Human Connection Movement, TNM creates programs, products and experiences that use stories and creativity to deeply connect people to themselves and others. Foos also co-founded Bridge, (1999), a free university program in the humanities for underserved adults. She received a MS in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University and a MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles, where she is an adjunct professor.


As a sought-after expert on the subjects of relationships and meaningful connection, Foos’ writing and commentary have appeared in a range of online and print publications, including Real Simple, Huffington Post, Women’s Health, KBLA, Fatherly, Thrive Global, Shondaland, Bustle, The LA Weekly, and Sparks & Honey Culture Briefings. Ms. Foos serves on the board of the City Kids Foundation and is the recipient of the New Directions for Veterans Community Hero Award (2015) and The Antioch University Los Angeles Lifetime Achievement Award (2016).


Our Board


Bob Johnson

Bob (“BJ”) is a Los Angeles-based entertainment attorney, producer, and civic activist. In addition to practicing law, he is a Peabody Award-winning film producer with Spike Lee, and a former senior music executive for Atlantic Records. Bob is co-founder and chair of the board of directors of LA Works - Los Angeles’ largest volunteer agency. His law practice includes representation of prominent athletes and artists in film, music, and art. He is a graduate of Occidental College, UCLA Anderson School of Management and UCLA School of Law respectively.


Deborah Briggs

Deborah H. Briggs comes to The Narrative Method with a wealth of experience creating and managing businesses. With a Master’s Degree in organizational psychology from Columbia University, Deborah began her career in human resources and organizational development for large corporations such as Citigroup, Chase Manhattan Bank, and ABC-TV.


Robert Sherman

Robert F Sherman Ph.D. works as a consultant to foundations and nonprofits in areas of education reform, youth development and leadership, and civic engagement. His particular interest is in bringing isolated yet related perspectives and favored strategies into productive alignment for greater impact.


Laurie Meadoff

Laurie Meadoff is CEO of Laurie Inc. and Team, a company designed to innovate, connect, and activate brands and media from around the world. With extensive experience in executive production, resourceful collaboration, and strategic planning, Laurie masterfully uses her vast network to build bridges and devise projects with significant and resounding societal influence.


Richard Foos

Richard Foos has been in the entertainment business for over forty-five years starting with a small record store named Rhino Records, and eventually growing it into the well-known audio label with well over one hundred million dollars in annual revenue. Rhino was sold in 1998 to Time Warner after which Foos and his partners started Shout! Factory, with Richard as its Chief Executive Officer. Founded in 2001, Shout! is a preeminent independent home video company, producing and distributing classic and new television and films.