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Wed, May 29



TNM Talks: Dr. Leah Hanes & Nolan Bushnell in Conversation with TNM Founder Shari Foos

Join a virtual conversation with Nolan Bushnell and Leah Hanes, co-authors of "Shaping the Future of Education." After the interview, audience members will be invited to participate in a TNM experience of creative writing to prompts, sharing in small groups and larger (and fun!) conversation.

TNM Talks: Dr. Leah Hanes & Nolan Bushnell in Conversation with TNM Founder Shari Foos
TNM Talks: Dr. Leah Hanes & Nolan Bushnell in Conversation with TNM Founder Shari Foos

Time & Location

May 29, 2024, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT


About the Event

About Dr. Leah Hanes:

Dr. Leah Hanes leads the Two Bit Circus Foundation (2BCF) and has done so since 2013. During her tenure, 2BCF has grown into a strong voice in the current STEAM Education discourse leading to her co-authoring Shaping the Future of Education with Nolan Bushnell. Hanes who is on the Board of Bushnell’s Ed Tech firm, ExoDexa is now also CEO.

Prior to ExoDexa, and  2BCF, Dr. Hanes’ held a variety of positions focused on children and education. Most recently, she taught Adult Developmental Theory and Ethics at Antioch University Los Angeles. Dr. Hanes’ formal education includes a Ph.D. in ethics and gender from Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change. Her M.A. is in Organizational Management.

About Nolan Bushnell:

In 1972, Nolan Bushnell created an industry when he founded Atari and gave the world Pong, the first blockbuster video game. Today his design credo—that games should be “easy to learn and difficult to master”—is inspiring a new generation of developers. A prolific entrepreneur, Bushnell has started more than 20 companies, including Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater; Catalyst Technologies, the first Silicon Valley incubator; Etak, the first in-car navigation system; and uWink, the first touchscreen ordering, entertainment and check-out system at restaurant tables. In the process, he pioneered many of the workplace innovations that have made Silicon Valley a long-standing magnet for creative talent. Bushnell was the first and only person ever to hire Steve Jobs, which he details in his and co-author Gene Stone’s 2013 book, Finding the Next Steve Jobs. In October 2023 he released his second book, Shaping the Future of Education, which he co-wrote with Dr. Leah Hanes.

He is currently chairman of ExoDexa, a gamified education company, and an advisor to companies in the gaming and eSports spaces. Additionally, he sits on several boards, focusing on games, robotics and other advanced tech. A true icon of the digital revolution, Bushnell was named one of “50 People Who Changed America” by Newsweek. A biopic about Bushnell, tentatively titled “Atari,” was acquired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company and is in pre-production.

How It Works (1-hour Sessions):


  • A TNM facilitator sets up the session, including group agreements and the TNM Core Concept of the week.
  •  Abigail Disney will share in conversation with TNM Founder Shari Foos followed by a creative experience. 


  • The facilitator shares a photo and the first prompt. You're invited to use prompts as a starting point and take them anywhere your imagination leads in any style, any voice. The only parameter is to keep it to 1 page or 500 words.
  • Next, you'll get a second prompt to weave into your piece and tie it all together.


  • After the writing, you are randomly assigned to small breakout groups with other participants.
  • Everyone takes turns reading their piece without stopping for conversation or feedback. Simple acknowledgments such as "Thank you for sharing." are welcome. While each person shares, focus on witnessing without judgment.
  • After everyone has shared, feel free to discuss your process, the TNM Core Concept and prompt or share about something else that's going on with you that may be relevant to the TNM experience. Speak for yourself only and refrain from giving advice or asking probing questions.
  • NOTE: If someone in your group shares something deeply personal and may be in distress, please ask them if they are okay in this moment and don't hesitate to send a direct message to the TNM facilitator.


  • In the final minutes, the group comes together to share their thoughts about their experience, answer questions, go deeper and have fun!

Salon Guidelines:


Remain aware and conscientious of your choice of words and tone. Please do not ask personal questions or give advice. Hate speech or hurtful behavior, regardless of the context will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate removal from the session.


Confidentiality is essential. What is said in the group must stay here. We do not record these sessions and will not tolerate any recording, transcribing, repeating others' stories or otherwise infringing on the rights and privacy of others.


To ensure that everyone feels comfortable sharing their stories and their feelings, we require everyone to have their cameras on during sessions, except while writing. If you do not comply you will be removed from the session.


When listening to others' stories, put yourself aside so you can hear others from their perspective without your own assumptions getting in the way. Your job is only to witness each other with appreciation.

Those who join in TNM online sessions should familiarize themselves with our participation disclaimer and agreement at


  • Suggested Donation $10

    We are committed to offering programming that's accessible to everyone and rely on your contributions to make that possible! Please consider paying what you can afford in your week to stay financially comfortable while showing your support for The Narrative Method.




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