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Share Your Photos with TNM!

Filler text about how people can share their photos for us to use in prompts...

How to share:

Fill out the permission form below. After filling out and submitting the form, you will be automatically sent to a submission page to upload your photos.


Please title each photo as follows:

JoeDoe 02-01-23 “ManLaughs-RedHat”

Name       Date          Title


If you have more pictures of the same subject that cannot be differently described, please

number them as follows:

JoeDoe 02-01-23 “ManLaughs-RedHat-2”

Name       date          Title

JoeDoe 02-01-23 “ManLaughs-RedHat-3”

Name       Date          Title


This is to confirm that I am the sole owner of the original photographs listed below, and that I am donating them to The Narrative Method to use for any purpose, in perpetuity in any print, media or other venues, known or as yet unknown.

You will automatically be redirected to an upload page after submitting the above form.

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