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Yay! Yippee! Welcome everybody and thank you so much for joining The Narrative Method community!

We are a growing community of decent and diverse open-minded humans from around the U.S., Canada and the beyond. In addition to the love of writing, we also share the desire to connect to our better selves and each other. So put aside your fear and self-judgment and let yourself float into the far reaches of your fine mind.

Day or night, 24/7, take our prompts and hop a ride on your magic pen or fingertips. Let the videos, photos, and prompts ferry you into foreign lands waiting inside the brilliance of your own imagination. We want to hear your unique take on the world and the way you express yourself. That’s because each time you add your writing to the mix, it launches reverberations and new possibilities upon the original prompt as well as every other voice in our mosaic.

At TNM we do not teach or provide feedback on how to improve or market yourself. We want you to feel safe, inspired and heard. We are here to help you expand your perspective, open your heart, release your creativity, and then get out of the way like you’ve just lit a firecracker.

There is no competition, no ‘what you’re supposed to do,’ no “right way to write.” We love the potential in mistakes, the humor in non sequiturs and the fun of stupid ideas, because sometimes ‘all wrong’ turns out better. So don’t underestimate yourself or your impulses. Take risks, it’s okay to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is what allows others to feel you, to understand you, to love you.

So hey, be yourself, have fun, connect, and let it flow. We see you and we want to see more.

Finally, I want to acknowledge our AWEsome program director, Jessa Zapor-Gray for creating this beautiful forum. Her creativity and tenacity have been key to the growth of the salons and the birth of this community.



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Andrea de Lange
Andrea de Lange

Thanks, as always, to you and Jessa for creating such a life-enhancing organization and community.

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