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New look same great prompts!


Great for companies, teams, families, couples, and for use as journaling prompts!


Commit to never doing another "Trust Fall" exercise ever again with tools from DIY Human!


Created by a therapist for humans looking to generate authentic relationships, DIY Human has cards, books and exercises that are tested and proven to kickstart interactions within your team.


It’s not a game, it’s an experience—a fascinating, connective and expansive immersion into the stories and ideas that shape our lives. DIY Human Cards are simple enough for anyone to use and meaningful enough to evoke and sustain deep conversations and camaraderie.


DIY Human Cards are based on The Narrative Method, an award-winning program that promotes radical human connection. The Narrative Method expands perspective, increases empathy and develops the skills to create more meaningful relationships.

TNM: DIY Human Deck 1 - 2nd Edition

  • The box comes with 48 playing cards, 6 wild cards, 1 detailed instruction card that explains the 12 core concepts.

    Great for family, friends, co-workers, teams, students, faculty, book clubs, ice-breakers, first-dates, reunions, retreats, commuter buddies, conversation starters, and any place humans gather!

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