Expanding Perspective
Deepening Empathy

[and having a good laugh about life]

What Is The Narrative Method or TNM?

* TNM is a group experience that uses stories to increase awareness, wonder and  empathy.

* TNM helps us connect deeply and develop meaningful relationships.


* TNM creates a space for us to communicate authentically without the pressure to conform to arbitrary rules.


* TNM gives us the tools to put ourselves aside, absorb new points of view and imagine the world through the eyes of another.


* TNM gives us the opportunity to expand our tolerance for differences.


* Through TNM we discover new perspectives about what may be possible for ourselves, others and the world.


The Narrative Method's award-winning trainings and workshops empower participants to explore the ways culture, media and personal beliefs interfere with the ability to deeply connect. The efficacy of our programs has been borne out in a yearlong study conducted by California State University Northridge. Even with the most difficult to reach populations, 98% of participants demonstrated profound increases in empathy and tolerance.

Facilitator Trainings

Our Facilitator Training Program is for teachers, professional facilitators and those who serve veterans, social service agencies, youth and other underserved populations. 

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Who We Serve

TNM works with social service agencies, veterans' organizations, schools, youth programs, healthcare professionals and institutions of higher education. Our programs are designed to meet each culture's specific needs and challenges.

We serve the general public through DIY Human, which is based on the 12 Core Concepts of The Narrative Method. DIY Human offers salons, classes, facilitator trainings, card experiences, and special events. 

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"The Narrative Method inspired our staff and opened us up to new ways of seeing ourselves and each other. It was riveting."

– Tony LoRe, Founder/CEO

Youth Mentoring Connection

"The Narrative Method is highly innovative and remarkably applicable across multiple sectors. It brings an entirely new methodology in fostering significantly improved communications, teamwork and morale. The results are both immediate and striking. As a business school professor and former Wall Street Managing Director, I highly recommend TNM to anyone leading teams in businesses, non-profits and government."

– Adlai Wertman, Founding Director,

Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab, USC Marshall School of  Business

"I am normally a very shy person but I felt really open and comfortable. It was enlightening, helpful, and uplifting.  I felt like in two hours, I got to know complete strangers better than I know any of my colleagues.”

– LP (HR executive)

"I feel better about myself. I'm learning how to understand people better, too."

– CSUN Research particpant

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THE NARRATIVE METHOD™ is an award-winning 501c3 program for diverse groups and individuals. Participants challenge kneejerk impulses to obey the culture rather than express themselves genuinely. And by broadening their lens, participants discover new possibilities for themselves, each other, and the world. Increases awareness, wonder, empathy and tolerance. 

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